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At the University on the Holländischen Platz in lecture hall 1, films are presented during the session every Tuesday and Thursday.

Start is at 8:15pm, entrance fee is 1.5€. The program is available at the university and on the internet.

In many churches will free classic concerts take place. They will be advertised on placards and notices. As well you will find a free classic concert every Thursday and Sunday at 7:30pm in the evangelical community hall in Niestetal-Sandershausen.


Jam - Session:
every first Thursday of the month at 8:30pm
Jazz Session Workshop:
every second Wednesday of the month at 8pm
Acoustic Bar:
every first Tuesday of the month at 8:30pm
Blues Session:
every third Wednesday of the month at 8:30pm
The entrance is free

After October, the sessions will take place in Stadtteilzentrum Wesertor, Weserstraße 26

The Louis-Spohr-Stiftung supports the most talented junior-musicians. They offer free concerts in different locations. The dates can be found on their website.


At the public general rehearsal is the entrance for free

In the summer months from June to September, you can listen to free concerts at the Konzertmuschel in the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. The Program can be accessed on the Internet
Sunday 12am-1pm

Sometimes there are events with no entrance fee. There are also cut entrance fees for unemployed people and other people with modest financial means.

In the museums who are part of the “Museumslandschaft Hessen”, the entrance for people who are younger than 18 years is free. This includes for example the Schloss Wilhelmshöhe, Löwenburg and the Orangerie. For people who receive government benefits the entrance fee is slightly reduced. For some of the other museums in Kassel, for example the museum for sepulchral culture and the municipal museum, it is possible to get significantly reduced tickets. For example, in the natural science museum, the cut entrance fee is 1€. In the museum Fridericianum, the entrance is free every Wednesday.

Pupils, students and trainees under 30 years as well as unemployed and disabled persons will receive a cut of 40% off the ticket. If remaining tickets at the box office are available after 15 minutes before the show, pupils and students can buy them for 10 € for the opera and concerts and for 7 € for a play.

The “Stellwerk” is an exhibition room of the academy of arts Kassel, which is organised by students. One goal of the “Stellwerk” is to present the art of young artists who have not yet or rarely had the chance to do so. The works of established artists are also presented. The opening hours depend on the exhibition and the entrance is for free.

There are different art and educational events. The focus of work is literature promotion, raising awareness of cultural and socio-political perspectives and promotion of the cultural life of the neighbourhood. There is also a non-commercial café with journals and magazines. The café and the gallery are often open all day. Normally, there is no entrance fee for events.

Every second monthly Tuesday at 7pm, musicians from different international genres present world music on stage in Stadtteilzentrum Wesertor.