Release and Rabate
Release and Rabate

Release and Rabate (1)

Recipients of ALG2, Sozialgeld, Benefits to cover subsistence cost or Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz( German social welfare Law for asylum seekers) can get a cut monthly ticket for the short distance public transport at the service enter of the KVG. To be qualified you need a credential. You can get a credential at:
Bahnhofsmission, Bhf Wilhelmshöhe
Monday 9am- 11am and Thursday 15:30pm- 17:30pm
Diakonisches Werk, Hermannstrasse 6
Tuesday 2pm -4pm
Gemeindehaus Neue Brüderkirche, Weserstrasse 26
Wednesday 2pm-4pm
„Mittelpunkt im Brückenhof", Theodor-Haubach-Str. 6,
Thursday 9am-11am