Women (6)

A place for women and girls who are endangered by violence. They offer temporary accommodation and counsel for all those seeking help, especially in case of domestic violence.
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They offer counselling, orientation and education for women, especially for migrants. There are also German language courses and literacy courses. Office hours: Monday- Friday 9 am-4 pm

Independent counselling for women who have been victims of sexual assault. Office hours: Monday 5pm-8pm and Wednesday 7pm-9pm
Outside of these hours, you can speak on the answerphone and will be called back. Appointments are possible at times which are different from the office hours.


Support for women who have become victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and exploitation of work power.

An information and counselling centre for women. You can get advice on domestic violence, divorce and custody issues. Counselling for women who are victims of domestic violence and from Kassel is for free. Mobile office hours:
Monday and Friday 2pm-4pm
Tuesday and Thursday 10am-12pm
Wednesday 5pm-8pm

There are different leisure facilities as well as counselling on the following topics:

  • Language and alphabetization classes
  • Financial issues
  • Questions on Family
  • Questions on the housing situation
  • Questions on life in the quarter
  • Help for professional orientation
  • Apprenticeship and life planning
  • Naturalisation (Becoming a citizen)
  • Children
  • Health

Appointments for individual counselling can be made during the office hours:
Monday-Friday 10am-12pm

info (at) frauentreff-brueckenhof.de